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The BEST Car Wash in Corning!

Fast, Clean, and Green !



Hurricane Car Washis located in Corning, NY and features a state-of-the-art flat belt conveyor system that carries your car through the wash and presentation in less than 3 minutes. Unlike other conveyors, which can damage wheels, ours conveyor has your wheels rest safely on top of the belt. Typical car washes force customers to wait in line – we realize no one wants to wait and with our wash, you never will. Just pull in, park and enjoy the show!




Touch-free car washes rely on acidic, paint fading chemicals to clean. Hurricane Car Wash uses a combination of foam brush and environmentally safe chemicals to clean all the tough places to reach on your car (especially road salt!) – from the tire shine to the lava wax, we help protect one of your biggest investments - your car.




Hurricane Car Wash lives the value of environmental stewardship. Through the use of water reclamation technology, we are able to use 75% less water than a touch-free car wash. LED lighting and environmentally safe chemicals reduce your impact on the environment by using resources more efficiently to produce the cleanest car around.