• What is a tunnel car wash?

A tunnel car wash is a car wash that minimizes customer wait time and maximizes quality of the car wash. Tunnels use a conveyor to move cars through the wash while the customer is in Park. Since a tunnel is in a longer bay, than a touch-free car wash, the customer is able to get a better car wash and more features. Almost no wait-time and a better clean – guaranteed.


  • Will it damage my car?

Absolutely not. Anything that comes into contact with your car is designed to not hold dirt and debris. Also, the machine automatically cleans itself on a cycle so that there is no dirt and debris nearby. There is technology in the wash that detects where your car is and moves back should a car accidentally drive through the wash. It’s all designed to make your car look its very best!


  • Why is a touch car wash better?

A wash that utilizes touch is able to better remove dirt and road grime from your car because there is friction occurring instead of just a chemical reaction. Imagine trying to clean a stain off of a table using only a spray of chemical and no touch. Pretty hard to do, right? It’s the same with a car wash. Using only chemical, the wash can’t get all of the dirt off. Though with both a safe touch and chemical, there’s not a shred of dirt left at the end of the wash.


  • Why a glass building?

The Corning area has a rich history with glass and glass making. We wanted to honor that tradition and utilize an all-glass building. Also, a glass building is safer and more comfortable for customers – you can see outside instead of being closed inside a brick building that you can’t see out of.


  • What makes Hurricane Car Wash environmentally friendly?

We at Hurricane Car Wash want to be good stewards of the environment. In building the wash, we purposefully included water reclamation to filter and clean the water that was used in the wash to minimize the environmental impact. Basically, there is a mini waste water treatment plant on the property  that cleans the used water and utilizes it once cleaned. Other washes typically used 80-90 gallons of water per wash – we use significantly less water. It’s much better than washing your car at home where the waste water goes down the storm drain and ends up as run-off in local rivers, lakes and streams.

Our LED and environmentally friendly chemicals also help reduce the impact on the environment by using less energy.


  • How long does it take to get a car wash?

A car wash takes about 3 minutes. However, the time that you have to wait in line is much shorter since there is a conveyor and multiple cars can be washed at the same time. The wait time is about 30 seconds a car. Much faster than traditional washes and no need to wait in line for a wash. Go ahead, try it out!


  • Why is Hurricane Car Wash better?

Hurricane Car Wash offers customers the highest quality wash without the wait. It also allows you to help the environment by having your car cleaned at a location which uses environmentally friendly chemicals, water reclamation and LED lighting. Not only is the magic in the wash but also in how your car is washed. Enjoy the presentation that unfolds before you as lava wax covers your car and colorful lights provide a show. Hurricane Car Wash is a better wash, without the wait.


  • What is lava wax?

The sun, dirt and road salt cause cars to fade and degrade over time. Our lava wax is a 100% wax that protects and shields your car from those dangers. With our lava wax, you can help your car look great for years to come and to protect against the rust that’s caused by road salt. Sit back and enjoy the unique show as the lava wax pours over your car.


  • What is tire shiner?

Your wheels are a tough place to clean. Grease and grime build up on them that most car washes can’t clean. Our tire shine add-on cleans the wheel and adds a protective coating that makes your wheels shine like new. Dull looking wheels become a thing of the past.


  • Do you offer gift cards?

Absolutely. You can purchase gift cards from either the pay station at the car wash or online. They make great gifts and never expire!


  • Can I go through the car wash with items in my truck bed?

No. All truck beds must be completely cleaned out before entering the wash. There is a clean out area at the entrance of the wash. Customers who do not clean out their truck beds are liable for any damage that results.